Metal Pack Digital Downloads

We offer the entire contents of the Metal Pack Collection in 5 separate download packs that can be purchased through our Digital Download Store. Please visit the Metal Pack product page to listen to demo tracks from each of the essential packs.
Before you go to the store, please read the following carefully:
  • Each download pack is only $39.99 USD when purchased individually. When you purchase multiple packs in a single transaction, a discount is applied for each additional item. The more packs you buy in a single purchase, the greater discount you will receive.
  • If you select all 5 download packs in a single transaction, the total price for ALL of them is only $129.97 USD. Again, the discounts only take effect when you purchase multiple packs in a single transaction. The discount cannot be applied to future purchases.
  • If you are a Mac OS user, please visit our "how-to" post regarding how you unzip the files after downloading.
    All sample packs can now be easily unzipped in any OS without the need for a third party tool.


Go to our Digital Download store now >>


If you would prefer physical DVDs as opposed to digital downloads, then visit our DVD Store. Note that with the DVD Set you will get all 5 Essential Packs for $129.99 plus shipping.