December 7th, 2010 - Metal Pack is released

Invictus Audio announces the release of their first audio product: Metal Pack. Available now through online purchase or local distributors. Metal Pack consists of 8 GBs of content on 2 Dual-Layer DVDs.

After a full year in development, Invictus Audio is excited to release our first audio product for producers and musicians. This first product is a drum replacement pack focused on extreme Metal & Hard Rock to be used with Drumagog, Steven Slate's newly developed Trigger and other replacement platforms that are currently in the market. Stand alone wavefiles are included that may be imported into the user's choice of sampler. These have been recorded using top analog gear and have been captured and processed at 24 bit / 96k resolution for ultimate quality as well as future proofing with the Windows 7 OS that allows for bigger sample libraries without RAM limitations. Thank You and enjoy!

-Invictus Audio team