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Box Set Containing 2 DVDs

Metal Pack

Most engineers and producers agree that recording metal bands can be a challenge sonically – and depending on who you are working with, mentally as well – yes, we have heard many stories! We're not here to help you by being your counselor, but to aid you in the sonic department.

In metal, what matters? The sound!

The Sound

With the advent of the Low Drop A guitar tunings as inspired by Korn, machine-industrialized metal bands like Fear Factory and Strapping Young Lad, the Math Tech metal of Meshuggah, and the latest Metal Core type bands such as Killswitch Engage, you may be asking: Where do the drums fit in? With all these new sounds and huge guitar tones, how do you get the drums to punch through and not crumble or flab out after mastering?

Welcome to the "loudness war."

If you're a band trying record your own demos, we have your secret weapon. If you're a seasoned producer sweating under deadlines and budget constraints, then these samples will save your life. We do the hard work of getting the sound right, so that you can focus on being the songwriter and player rather than trying to be the engineer.

It takes years of recording metal in all its aspects in order to understand the sonic requirements needed to make a pro recording. You need the right type of gear (pre-amps, mics, amps etc.) and a drummer who can play! His ability to hit like a man yet still maintain the dexterity and accuracy for blistering fast fills will make or break your recording. Drum Quality is a must, as well as tuning and the types of skins used. And how many times have you heard a drummer come in with unbalanced cymbals? Keep your cymbals consistent in the tonal group! (Please note: We're not providing cymbal samples yet.)

Key Features

Our goal and mindset was to fulfill key aspects that are needed for amazing sounding drums of high quality. These attributes are :

  • Thick (the first standard by all types of music)
  • Tight but with air
  • Punchy
  • Clear and well defined
  • Handle loud mastering (If you're not sure what this is then do a search for Loudness Wars)
  • Processed, tailored for metal but still sounding like real drums (not that plasticity or gluey tone that some go for)
  • Tone maintained

At this point, you may be wondering: Will all these attributes fit in a single sample with a single close mic position? Our answer is yes! This is where the direct "in your face like a sledgehammer" power is heard.

Overhead mics and room mics are only used to add spatial qualities to the mix, they don't add any power. If you listen to the best metal productions, the room sound is usually lower in the mix. That being said, we have also included 2 room mic sets: one for fast tempo 160 bpm and up which is a tighter room, and an epic sounding room for the slower stuff.

All demo songs were created using Metal Pack with performances by Igor Cheifot on Drums and Jason Martin on Guitars and Basses.

Fear Your Thoughts

  • Kick DW 4 Hi
  • Snare 13
  • Toms MPX set 1
  • Room A


  • Kick DW 7 Mid
  • Snare 10 Crk
  • Toms DW set 1
  • Room B

Dynamic Drum Solo 1 Set 1

  • Kick MPX 5 Low
  • Snare 12
  • Toms MPX Set 1
  • No rooms


  • Kick DW 3 Mid
  • Snare 20
  • Toms DW set 2
  • Room A


  • Kick MPX 8 Low
  • Snare 22 CRK
  • Toms PRL set 1
  • No Room, Room A then Room B

Media Slave

  • Kick MPX 1 Mid
  • Snare 17
  • Toms MPX set 2
  • Room A

Signal To Threat

  • Kick MPX 6 Low
  • Snare 11
  • Toms PRL set 1
  • Room A

Sons Of Freedom

  • Kick PRL 4 Mid
  • Snare 8 CRK
  • Toms MPX set 2
  • Room B


  • Kick PRL 5 Low
  • Snare 5 CRK
  • No Toms for this one
  • Room B

Dynamic Drum Solo 1 Set 2

  • Kick PRL 7 Mid
  • Snare 19
  • Toms PRL Set 1
  • No rooms
Metal Pack comes with 8 GB of 100% Royalty Free samples on 2 Dual-Layer DVDs.

Recording Equipment

We used a wide variety of mics from Shure, Audio Technica, Neumann, Audix, Sennheiser and Royer in conjunction with Neve 1073 type preamps, the smooth clarity of Millenia HV-3D pres and Rupert Neve design Focusrite ISA110 modules.

Sample Quality

All samples have been recorded at 24 bit 96kHz to preserve the highest quality possible, but for people who still prefer to work in a 44kHz domain, Drumagog or Trigger plugins will automatically sample rate convert the sounds. Post processing has been done using SSL analogue outboard EQ and dynamics for that crisp amd thick tone we have all grown to know.

Microphone Positions

Each instrument will have a close mic and 2 stereo room mic positions – Room A being the tight room for speed, thrash and tech metal (basically anything that is fast) and Room B for the big epic sound for slower stuff. Using different tunings and skin head types in conjunction with different mics made it possible to capture a wide variety of tones.

Each Kick has 6 Hits. We decided against any softer hits, just the good loud ones, as those are what is needed to punch through in the mix. Usually only a single sample is used for metal productions. Now the Snares and Toms on the other hand are very dynamic. We have given you 7 velocities, from soft to hard, with 6 hits each for a total of 42 samples per instrument. Additionally we included Crack snare hits but in their own separate files. The Crack hits will either have 1 or 2 dynamic layers with 6 hits in each layer.

Additional Applications

Not only can you use these samples with Drumagog or Trigger, you can expand the versatility of Toontrack's Drumkit From Hell and Metal Foundry drum sets by re-triggering them with Metal Pack so you can achieve a new level of tonal possibilities

Software Plugins Support

For our customer's convenience, all samples are provided in 3 standard formats:

  • Slate Digital Trigger TCI format
  • WaveMachine Labs Drummagog V4 GOG format
  • Standard wave (.WAV) file format
Wave files allows you to use our samples with any software or hardware sampler you may prefer.

Please Note:
To maintain backwards compatibility with Drumagog version 4, all close-mic and room mic samples are shipped in separate GOG files.

Metal Pack Instrument Details

Included is as follows :
  • 25 Kicks
  • 25 Snares
  • 5 Tom sets with 4 tom drums in each set


  • DW Collector's Series Maple 22x18 Remo Powerstroke 3
  • Mapex Orion Birch 22x18 Remo Powerstroke 3
  • Pearl Masters Custom 22x18 Aquarian Super-Kick II
  • Pearl Masters Custom 22x18 Remo Powersroke 3
  • Snares

    • Ayotte 14x6.5 Remo Weatherking Emperor X
    • Ayotte Kiplinger 14x7 Remo Coated Powerstroke 3
    • Brady Jarrah Wood 14x6.5 Evans Power Center
    • Canopus Zelkova Wood 14x6.5 Evans Power Center
    • Gretsch New Classic Brass 14x6 Evans Genera Dry
    • Gretsch Black Chrome Steel 14x5.5 Evans Power Center Reverse Dot
    • Pearl Sensitone 13x5.5 Evans ST Dry
    • Pearl Vinnie Paul 14x8 Remo Coated Powerstroke 3
    • Pork Pie 14x6 Remo Weatherking Coated Ambassador
    • Pork Pie 14x6 Remo Weatherking Emperor X
    • Pearl Maple 12x6 Remo Weatherking Coated Ambassador
    • Pearl Brass 14x6 Remo Weather King Coated Emperor
    • Yamaha Maple Absolute 14x6.5 Remo Controlled Sound


    • DW Collectors Series Maple 10x8, 12x9, 14x12, 16x14 Aquarian Studio X, Evans G2 Clear
    • Mapex Orion Birch 10x10, 12x10, 13x11, 16x16 Aquarian Studio X, Evans G2 Coated
    • Pearl Masters Custom maple 10x8, 12x10, 14x12, 16x14 Aquarian Studio X, Evans G2 Clear


Windows XP SP3 or newer, Pentium 4 or Athlon processor with 512 MB RAM


Mac OS 10.4.11 or higher, G5 or Intel processor with 512 MB RAM


Requires 8GB free hard disc space and a DVD drive

Please Note: A drum replacement or sample playback plugin required for operation