Artist Reviews

Joel Wanasek

Jason, your samples are fantastic! I like that they are slightly processed, but take very well to processing if needed. They sound so much more realistic and are much more useable than Steven Slate drums, not to mention they don't sound plastic. I also really enjoy the versatility of your sampled sounds. With so many samples, it is not hard to find one the band loves. This is my go to library for when I need a sample quickly that is going to sound great.

Joel Wanasek Producer/Engineer Dirge Within , Anakin, Embers In Ashes , Righteuos Vandetta


Junshuo Hou

Like many people have commented, most of the drum replacement samples sound over produced and hyped. It's difficult to make them sound like a part of your drum recording without being identified as "replacement". Good drum replacement shouldn't be "heard". The samples should enhance the impact, not becoming a separate part that doesn't blend with the existing recording. With the Metal Pack, It's easy to achieve a natural and organic result. These samples can be blent perfectly with any drum recordings without sounding machinery and processed. Thank you for making such a great product and make my job easier!

Junshuo Hou, Producer/Composer,,


Brayden Dyczkowski

Invictus Audio's Metal Pack drum samples were used on our album, "Behold The Devastation" and the drums on that album sound HUGE! The kicks are tight, the snare is massive and full sounding, and best of all, the variety of different 'hits' used randomly with every sample allowed us to have that huge industry-standard metal drum sound, but at the same time not fall victim to that painfully lifeless fake trigger sound that plagues many modern metal albums. Hats off to Jason for building such a realistic sounding collection!

Brayden Dyczkowski, Unleash The Archers


Ahrue Luster

I like the Invictus Audio Metal Pack set because the samples are more realistic and less "processed" sounding than some of the other popular sample sets. This gives my mixes more personality and uniqueness.

Ahrue Luster, Ill Niño,


Steve Lagudi

Nearly 12 years of recording drums and using every program to ever hit the market for drum replacements, I can finally breath a sigh of relief. For the first time, I have found a sample pack of drum sounds that sound the most realistic. Using several of the most common programs and sample packs out on the market today, which are great sounds but seemed to be just missing a little something, METAL PACK not only gets me closer to the real thing, but it also gives me new sounds, sounds i have never heard before. They can be used for several different styles such as rock, alternative, funk, country & contemporary. 95% of the metal productions over the last 5 - 10 years all sound the same, because people keep using all the same samples in various combinations. As of Now, I have a wide variety of sounds, all unique within themselves that give me endless combinations to stand apart from the rest. Aside from killer new sounds, the flexibility and ease of use is another key element for me. These come with 3 ways to use the sounds, they give you the raw WAV files, for the old school way of doing drum replacements. This is convenient for anyone who does not own any replacement programs, as well as formats for the 2 most commonly used drum replacement programs: Drumagog & Trigger from Steven Slate Drums. Best of all, regardless of how you do replacements, you dont have to pay extra for any specific format, you get them all. You can not ask for anything better!!!!!!! Do your clients, your fans and most of all, yourself a favor, go out and get these. You will not regret it, especially considering the cost for this entire collection is less than an hour of studio time in a quality facility.


Steve Lagudi. Recording/Mixing Engineer (GOD FORBID, ILL NINO) & Touring Live Sound Engineer (FOH)


Robin Carlo

My problem with extreme music samples is that they are always too processed, or too tailored to resemble a specific drumsound of some commercial record, I often end up creating a drumtone that sounds, well, triggered. I work on a lot of modern hardcore, less metal, I mostly use triggers when the drummer isn’t good, or as a reinforcement to build up drums that are good to begin with. So I'm looking for samples that sound fat, but real, and I believe I have found this in Invictus drums. Nothing crazy, just quality fat sounds. If I can simply pick between a low, mid or high tuned snare, and they're still raw enough for personal tweaking, I’m a happy guy.Other than that, I really like the room samples, again very realistic.


Robin Carlo.


Tunç K. / Turkey

I am very satisfied with the quality of the product, and have already used samples from pack 3 to replace a great performance, which was unfortunately recorded with poor quality and worn snare and tom skins. After a bit of post-processing, I, along with the band I am working with, are very satisfied with the results. We tried other products before, but most were already heavily processed, never fitting into the mix, or blending with the rest of the drum kit. Customer service after the purchase was also great, rapid, communicative and very satisfying. I was on a tight schedule and never expected to finish the job on time! I will be expecting more products (which are again sure to come with reasonable prices and great quality!) from Invictus Audio.


Tunç K. "A Happy Amateur Sound Engineer".


Tim Neuhaus / Music Producer (State Of Shock-Sextant, EMI/Burning Borders-Thorny Bleeder) / BC, Canada

I am truly overwhelmed by the endless possibilities there are within these Invictus drum audio samples. I’ve witnessed the evolution of drum replacement throughout my career. I started out using Alesis DM4 and DM5s. I’ve created my own samples and used a Kurzwell K-2000 to trigger the replacement. I graduated to Protools Soundreplacer and have been using it for years. The drum programs these days are getting so lifelike. They are truly amazing!!! The amount of work that went into these samples is apparent when you get into the many variations within each bank of sounds. This is any music producers wet dream fantasy drum replacement program come true!!! If I had three thumbs I’d give it Three thumbs up!!! I will be using these samples exclusively on the next “JAR” record. Check it out!!!!